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Anti-electronic devices store.
Here you will find a variety of devices to disable many security systems, such as various security systems, alarms, detectors, electronic locks and other control systems. Also here in this site you can order any device service that you need.

Code grabbers

Algorithmic code grabber.

Next generation algorithmic code grabber.

This device can cope with most of the car security systems. It is the best device in terms of price and the number of working systems. The device is easy to handle, it is upgradeable, it has a long action radius and 9 memory cells. It is able to feedback native keychain and autostart the engine when this function is set. It is installed into alarm key fob with an active LCD display.

Code grabber

Code grabber for Shere Khan.

Algorythmic code grabber for all the SCHER-KHAN systems

The latest code grabber for all the SCHER-KHAN systems. It has 9 memory cells, auto start function , signals deafening, long operating range. Ability to work without code interception, starts with a strike on the wheel or with a driver call.

Code grabber SCHER-KHAN

The other kodgrabbery see page: Algorithmic code grabber.

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Our goal is to show the imperfection of security systems. We want to show developers all the shortcomings of their production and thereby to improve its quality. It is a long process and a difficult game in which we participate with confidence and still get leading positions. We develop an equipment that is manufactured exclusively for organizations involved in the installation of security systems, so that they can eliminate substandard system off their product range and give good protection to the client.